One of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Ajman’s culture is steeped in exceptional hospitality. It is an inherited tradition borne out of the austere natural environment and the resulting emphasis on receiving and providing for guests. The land of year-round sunshine and pristine shores, Ajman is a peaceful haven tucked away from the bustle of urban living. 

More than our beaches, quality driven hospitality offerings or investment friendly policies, it is the genuine welcoming nature of our people that defines Ajman’s true sense of place.



Its peaceful ambience is perfectly complemented by a picturesque shoreline and a charming corniche. Its gorgeous beaches are ideal for those who wish to catch some sun or take a dip in the warm waters of the Gulf, all year round. 

As you drive further inland, you will be enamoured by the remote enclaves of Manama and Masfout, set against the stunning backdrop of the Hajar Mountains. The tiny landlocked village of Masfout is a hiker’s dream and makes for a refreshing escape from the rising temperatures. 

With 1,000,000sq.m of natural mangrove forest, Al Zorah Nature Reserve, located north of the city, is a haven for bird and marine life. 

With 12km of waterfront, 1.6km of sandy beach, a 700,000sq.m golf course and a tidal creek, the nature reserve is made for waterborne activities, as well as golf enthusiasts.



The emirate has attracted a large segment of developers who are eager to present Ajman’s spectacular landscape to the rest of the region and the world. The emirate is rich with varied wildlife, mangroves and a pristine coastline, and is home to luxurious hotels, marinas, shopping malls and other tourist attractions that make it an exciting destination for all visitors. 


Ajman Corniche and coastline is what sets it apart from some of the larger emirates. The emirate’s coastline remains comparatively undeveloped making it the perfect destination for a relaxed beachside vacation. 

There are abundant facilities and services available along this bustling beach road, including fast food restaurants, cafés and shops, as well as larger more traditional restaurants.


Ajman’s beautiful new 1.5km marina district is a stunning waterfront project that will include residential towers, hotels, a yacht club, restaurants, shops and a boardwalk for walkers, joggers as well as cyclists.


Enjoying popularity for its picturesque landscape of mangroves and an extensive seafront, Al Zorah is characterised by its lush greenery in an otherwise sandy Arabian Peninsula. 

This spectacular development features five-star beach resorts, creekside residences, a golf course and Ajman’s first golf club, a wellness centre, a boardwalk, fine dining restaurants, marinas and a variety of watersports along the creek. Additionally, visitors can charter beautiful yachts to explore the other side of Ajman. 


Cradled by the Hajar Mountains, the tiny landlocked enclave of Masfout is a hiker’s dream and makes for a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Known for its fertile agricultural land and high-quality marble.

 Masfout is in the south of the UAE near Hatta, a 90-minute drive from Ajman city. Its elevated altitude brings cooler temperatures and the rugged backdrop attracts outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.


Located in the plains at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains to the east of Ajman, Manama is about an hour’s drive from city centre. It has a quiet, residential feel, making it a popular getaway for city dwellers. 

Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the scenic surrounds, dotted with Acacia, ghaf and flowering sidr and simr trees that attract Asiatic honeybees, while history buffs can visit three historic fortresses.


The Liwa Ajman Dates Festival returns to Ajman in July/August, offering a fun-filled programme for residents and visitors alike. 

Several pavilions display the best varieties of local dates, as well as several types of citrus fruits, honey and other products, provided by participating local farmers. Not only does it showcase Emirati culture, but seeks to strengthen national identity and encourage the preservation of folk heritage of the UAE.



A large and ever-growing collection of hotels in Ajman cater to visitors travelling for business or pleasure. Ajman’s idyllic location along the coast offers visitors access to private beaches with views overlooking the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf.

 From luxurious beachfront hotels to well-equipped city centre apartments, Ajman offers a wide range of accommodation that meets everyone’s taste and needs.



The variety of cuisine available in Ajman is one of the highlights of a trip to the emirate. From fine dining experiences to quick bites in between sightseeing and shopping, Ajman has a ton of offerings to suit both your palate and pocket. 

Many of Ajman’s restaurants and coffee shops can be found around the corniche area. In addition to the fast food chains that serve a quick and inexpensive snack, the corniche offers a selection of independent restaurants serving authentic Arabic cuisine. 

There are options to suit everyone's palette and budget in Ajman.