FTI Touristik GmbH Insolvency FAQ's

FTI Touristik GmbH Insolvency FAQ's

Updated 18th July 2024 – 2:00pm


Updated 18th July – 2:00pm


FTI Touristik GmbH, as the third largest tour operator in Europe, filed an application for insolvency on Monday, 3 June 2024. It is important to mention that this is only applicable to the tour operator brand ‘FTI Touristik’.

Youtravel.com, MP Hotels and all the Meeting Point DMC’s act as their own entity, are not insolvent and are working actively on their future.


Youtravel is not insolvent, we have initiated cancellation periods whilst we secure our future without the support of FTI.


How does the insolvency of FTI Touristik affect Youtravel.com?

It goes without saying that this has an impact on Youtravel.com and our DMC’s who contract for us. For arrivals until 31st October 2024 (inclusive), we have taken to the decision to cancel to avoid guests arriving and not having a booking or being asked to pay again whilst we navigate through these challenging times.

Where can I find updates from Youtravel.com?

Regular updates will be available on our LinkedIn, social media channels and our website. We will also be sending out newsletter to our subscribers and the account managers will be updating all the travel agent partners.

·        Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/youtravel.com.official

·        LinkedIn - https://uk.linkedin.com/company/youtravel-com

·        Our website - https://www.youtravel.com/

·        Sign up to our newsletter - https://mailchi.mp/youtravel.com/subscribe_new

I am a direct customer currently in the destination and facing issues or have questions about a future booking – What do I do?

Firstly, we apologise for the difficulties caused. Contractually we can only discuss your booking with the agency you booked via, please contact your travel agent for information.

Why have you cancelled the booking in question?

As our DMC is also owned by FTI, they are also facing challenging times. Since the FTI insolvency news, many of the other entities funds are frozen, including the DMC’s. Many hotels are changing payment terms, and it is something that cannot be adhered to currently, especially if they require payment upfront. To avoid clients being refused check in or asked to pay directly, this is the best course of action to take.

Have you paid for the booking in question already?

The case is different depending on destination and hotel due to the previously agreed payment terms. Currently this is difficult to determine whilst the situation settles in each DMC. As far as we are concerned, at the moment bookings from 1st November 2024 are active and going ahead as planned.

Can I get a confirmation number for the booking in question?

All of our teams are assisting many areas of the business to navigate through the immediate arrivals until 31st October 2024, All other customer queries cannot be supported until further notice.

What happens if my clients are asked to pay in resort?

Currently our finances are suspended, either the payment will need to be covered by your agency or the guests pay again on spot.

We can discuss the repercussions of this situation in time once we are clearer on the future.

Can I cancel booking in the future that have charges FOC due to the situation of your company?

At this time, we are only accepting FOC cancellations for arrival to and on the 31st October 2024. Anything arriving after this date will be as per policy.

Have youtravel.com paid all hotel booking for future arrivals?

The case is different depending on destination and hotel due to the previously agreed payment terms- However rest assured, we are doing our upmost to secure every booking from 1st November 2024 onwards.

The hotel cannot locate the bookings and is telling us all bookings are cancelled in the future – What can I do?

To be transparent, this will be the case for arrivals until and on 31st October 2024– For arrivals from 1st November 2024 onwards, the situation for the hotels is unclear and they are acting accordingly to protect their business. But the communication lines are badly affected, and we are not always receiving news of cancellations from our contractual source, which means that unless the Travel Agent cancels in the Youtravel system then all future bookings from 1st November will remain active. Once our situation is clear, we will endeavour to reconfirm and re-protect all bookings.

I have tried to cancel a booking via your website, and it has failed, what should I do?

Please contact admin@youtravel.com for the team to action for you.

The system won’t let me amend and you’re saying there can be no amendments now – What can I do?

All of our teams are assisting many areas of the business to navigate through the immediate arrivals until 31st October 2024, All other customer queries cannot be supported until further notice. If this cannot wait, you will need to act accordingly and cancel and rebook.

I have already paid you for bookings that have not arrived yet but is now cancelled – Will I get a refund?

At the moment, the situation is unclear, and we are not in a position to advise on this.

We would strongly advise you to give us a bit of time to find our next steps and then discuss later.

My customer or I have contacted the hotel and they have informed that the booking in question has been cancelled - What can I do?

We are committed to honouring all existing bookings from 1st November 2024 in our system as we work towards finalizing our plans for the future.

Currently, our focus is on arrivals up to and including 31st October 2024, and we regret that we are unable to prioritize bookings after this date at this time.

If you are unable to wait, we understand if you choose to rebook with another provider, but please note that any additional costs will be your responsibility unless we provide further updates that cover your booking arrival dates.