Stay updated with our latest news update - bookings until 15th May

Further Action Required

Dear Partners,

Firstly we’d like to wish you, your families and colleagues the best of health during these extended lockdown restrictions. 

Following our communication last week regarding cancellations up until 30th April, we would like to highlight to you that we are now offering free cancellations for any bookings arriving on or before 15th May. We request that you follow the normal process of cancelling the bookings via our website or via our API – from there we will take care of any cancellation charges. We kindly insist that you action the cancellations yourself.

If you’d like us to bulk cancel anything on your behalf then please send an email to with all of the bookings you’d like cancelling.

We are closely monitoring global official travel advice, and will communicate any updates and possible extensions.

Best Regards,

Youtravel Team